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We are a team of dedicated individuals who are deeply passionate about understanding and empowering the Gen Z generation. With a combined experience of over 10 years in HR and marketing, we specialize in providing comprehensive career planning and informal education services tailored specifically to the unique needs and aspirations of this cohort.

Our team members are experts in their respective fields, constantly staying updated with the latest trends and insights related to Gen Z. We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where young individuals can explore their passions, develop essential skills, and unlock their full potential.

Get to know our heads

Blanka Nohýnková

Head of Moving Ahead

Lukáš Sabo

Head of Happy Clients

Laura Blažeková

Head of Data Mess

Boďa Oravcová

Head of Challenges

Miro Medveď

Head of Impressions

Dave Jobot

Head of AI And Such

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